viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

Los 4 fantasticos I - Les 4 fantastiques I

Aquí por primera vez reunidos los 4 fantasticos, natxete, blaki, amorena1 (mi papi) y amorena2... todos juntos en la montaña tomando aire puro, deleitándonos con las formas caprichosas de la naturaleza y cogiendo ideas para nuestros futuros diseños.
Ici pour la première fois les 4 fantastiques natxete, blaki, amorena1 (mon père) et amorena2 (moi)... tous ensemble à la montagne pour prendre une onde d'air pure, pour prendre des idées de la nature...

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi Amorena 2,

    you have found a nice area there, wonderful! When are you planning to collect some of these sylvestris pines? I´m not familiar with the climate in Spain, but in Austria it´s the best time to collect a sylvestris in spring. How are your experiences with it in Spain?

    Nice Regards,

  2. Hi Igor,

    the climate in spain is clearly much dryer than in Austria, here, experts usually recommends to collect by March, or even April, but our little experience says us January or February (if this time is not below zero degrees) is better.

    Other colleagues from the north of Spain said us pines can be recollected from last October to December, when the relative humidity is high.

    Finally, a lot of people says in Spain most trees can be repoted and collected by Agoust because trees take some days off growing durintg this monts. This year Agoust can be changed by September because summer arrived 1 month later...

    So, we tried it last day... so, in some months you will be able to know the result!

    Kind Regards